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Nyheder og arrangementer

Kommende arrangementer:

The Southern Denmark Research Support Office would like to invite you to the first event as part of our new SUND Funding Academy.
We will offer sessions and webinars relevant for researchers who wish to apply for external funding. Our first offer is a CV workshop.

How to optimize your external funding CV

The purpose of the CV that is accompanying your research funding application is to demonstrate to the evaluators that you are the ideal researcher to conduct the proposed project.
You need to convince them that you have the relevant academic and managerial competencies, so that they will recommend your proposal for funding!
This presentation provides you with an insight to the details on how to structure your CV, which details to include and which ones are less relevant.
Please notice that the presentation focus on CV´s for individual grant applications.

Presenter: Senior Advisor Lone L. Laursen
Date & Time: 14/1-2021, 14:00 – 15:00
Location: Zoom

Participation is free to staff from SDU Faculty of Health Sciences/OUH, but subscription to the event is mandatory.
Please contact Marlene Elnegaard ( or Lone Ladegaard Laursen ( to sign up.

After this, you will receive an online invitation with a link to the event.