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American National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Typically, applications from the Faculty of Health Sciences are directed to the American National Institutes of Health (NIH) which is what most of the material provided here is directed towards. Please, contact us, if you consider applying for other US funding opportunities.

Please read the information below and contact us as soon as you have identified at call either as main applicant or as partner. We are happy to support you!


How will Syddank Forskerstøtte assist you?

General services for all application types:

  • Ensuring basic application- and funder-specific compliance
  • Manage portal and database access (e.g. eRA-Commons account setup)
  • Support to read and understand the funding opportunity announcement and ensuring eligibility
  • Support to develop the budget according to (NIH-)rules and cost categories
  • Ensuring budget approval from the financial department and at departmental level
  • Filling out forms for personnel, project performance site(s), research- and related costs (budget form)
  • Providing templates for e.g. biosketches
  • Assisting legal- and ethical considerations and discussion with legal department before submission


    Specifically, for main applicants (prime-awards):

  • Formal proposal check
  • Assistance in proposal submission together with SDU RIO


    Specifically, for partner applicants (sub-awards):

  • Syddansk Forskerstøtte must be direct point of contact to main applicant (administration)
  • Filling out sub-awardee commitment form and ensuring signature from SDU RIO


    Your administrative tasks:

    As prime-award:

    Please contact us at least four* weeks before the deadline in the funding opportunity announcement and provide:

  • The call text and a summary of your research proposal including potential partners


    As sub-award:

    Please contact us at least two weeks* before the main applicant internal deadline and:

  • Put us in contact with the main applicant administration
  • Send us the requirements (forms) from the main applicant (if you have it)


* In case of periods with public holidays or summer/Christmas breaks, we must be notified week extra in advance

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