Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online student response system that can be used for polls during a lecture and can be integrated directly into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Using Poll Everywhere gives the teacher an immediate insight into the knowledge of the students on the subject presented in the lecture. It can also be used to encourage student engagement and peer to peer discussion redefining the lecture as more than just teacher to student communication.

Poll Everywhere holds different types of question, among others Multiple Choice Questions, Ranking, Open-ended and Q&A’s which allows for a variety of usage during the lecture.

How to get started: First contact CPIT to be a registered Poll Everywhere user. After receiving your credentials, you can log in onto and start creating your polls. You can group your polls into themes, lectures etc. For each group or poll, you can decide how and how many times the students can respond etc. Remember to install the app for PowerPoint either from the software center on your pc or through the website for easy access in your lecture. 

Need assistance or inspiration? CPIT will be more than happy to get you started and to discuss how you can use Poll Everywhere in your lecture.

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