MCQ-tests During a Course

Multiple choise question tests can be used during the period of a course and do not need to be graded if not part of the final grade for the course.

Tests during the period of a course can serve multiple purposes, among others:

  1. Give the students the possibility of self-testing their knowledge on specifics themes
  2. Give the teacher an idea of students’ level of knowledge
  3. Preparing students if their final exam is a multiple choice exam.

Blackboard offers a variety of question types, such as multiple choice questions (one correct answer), multiple answer questions (multiple correct answers), true/false questions, short answer questions, matching questions etc. Teachers can choose to create their test by using one or multiple question types.

Conducting tests in Blackboard gives the teacher the possibility of writing feedback to incorrect answers. Students will be then presented to the feedback when answering a question incorrect, thus learning from their mistakes.  Blackboard offers basic and extended possibilities for teachers to view result statistics so that teachers can review questions and get an insight into student knowledge and understanding in order to further develop teaching materials and content.

How to get started: If you need help creating or setting up a test in Blackboard, please do not hesitate to contact CPIT who can be of assistance of both the pedagogical and technical aspects. 

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