Inline Grading and Feedback

In order to use the inline grading feature in Blackboard, papers need to be handed in through Blackboard’s own Assignment feature – not to be confused with SDU Assignment in Blackboard.

When setting up the assignment, teaches decide whether the paper is to be handed in anonymously or not, how many points can be assigned to the paper, when the assignment is available, how many times the students can hand in the paper etc.

Once the students have handed in their papers, the teacher can access the papers and use the tools available to make comments and annotations directly in the paper. It is also possible to provide overall feedback, notes etc. Once the teacher has finished the grading and feedback, they press Submit and the paper including feedback, notes, annotations etc. is automatically sent back to the student.

How to get started: Teachers who wish to use this tool in Blackboard can start by reading Blackboard’s introduction Teachers are also more than welcome to contact CPIT who can assist in setting up the assignment as well as discuss with teachers the best way to use the tool. 

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