People News from the Faculty of Science, week 49

Erik Kristensen, Associate Professor at the Department of Biology, has received funding of DKK 300,000 for the project Mikrobiel omsætning af opløst organisk kulstof og kvælstof i marine miljøer.





Postdoc, PhD Karl Attard and Professor Ronnie N. Glud, Department of Biology, have received funding from Walter and Andrée de Nottbeck Foundation in Finland to study respiration and primary production by seafloor ecosystems in the Baltic Sea.

Karl Attard has received funding for a 2-year postdoctoral project (ca. EUR 80,000). This project will be augmented with a 4-month long Senior Research Fellowship stay at Tvarminne Zoological Station (TZS) in Finland by Ronnie N. Glud.



Sarah Witzke, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, has defended her PhD thesis Multiscale Modelling of Membranes: Investigation of Force Field Electrostatics Performance and Studies of a Key Component in Bacterial Cell Wall Biogenesis.


Professor Ronnie N. Glud, Department of Biology, has received EUR 270,000 from the ATLAS Consortium for investigating biogeochemical functioning of key seabed ecosystems in the Atlantic deep-sea.