People News from the Faculty of Science, Week 12

Martin Røssel Larsen is taking part in the 5-year project Regional immune-modulation of mucosal inflammation, which has received funding of DKK 45 million from the Lundbeck Foundation. The project, which is led by the National Veterinary Institute, Technical University of Denmark, will examine intestinal mucosa and its interaction with our immune system. Focus will be on the chronic intestinal diseases Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, which are caused by immune system defects.


Professor Marianne Holmer and Postdoc, PhD Harald Hasler-Sheetal from the Department of Biology, along with Professor Niels Færgeman, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, have received funding of DKK 295,050 from the VELUX Foundation to invite as visiting Professor Wolfram Weckwerth, Head of the Department for Ecogenomics and Systems Biology at the University of Vienna. Wolfram Weckwerth will visit SDU for 4 months in 2016.


Assistant Professor Dalia Conde, Department of Biology, has received funding of DKK 317,100 from the VELUX Foundation to invite as Visiting Professor John E. Fa from Manchester Metropolitan University, Imperial College and the Center for International Forestry Research, CIFOR. Prof. John E. Fa will be joining SDU for a total of five months during 2015-2016.