People News from the Faculty of Science, week 10

Professor Don Canfield, Department of Biology, has re­ceived funding of DKK 300,000 from the Carls­berg Foundation to buy a hand-held X-ray fluore­scence (HHXRF) for trace metal analysis. Don Canfield has also been awarded an honorary doctorate at Université de Poitiers.


Dr. Gerhard Besold, affiliated to the Center for Biomembrane Physics (MEMPHYS), Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, has received the honoring title Outstanding Referee at the American Physical Society for being exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in APS journals.


Professor Hans Ulrik Riisgaard, Department of Biology, has contributed to the book The Natural History of the Crustacea with the chapter "Filter-feeding Mechanisms in Crustaceans". The book is published by Oxford University Press.

Professor Nils Færgeman, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has received DKK 800,000 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for the project titled: Novel Regulatory Mechanisms of Ceramide Synthesis.