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How to write a competitive grant proposal - 2 days course for researchers and PhD students

The course targets and will be beneficial for researchers at all career stages, but with main focus on early-career fundraising options (PhD student to assistant-professor level).
The purpose of this course is to train participants in efficient grant proposal writing, and to provide a deeper understanding of the factors affecting the success of a grant proposal, both in Denmark and internationally.
The core activity of the course is for each participant to develop a competitive research grant proposal.
Both Danish (28. Aug. and 16. Sep. 2014), and English (24. Sep. and 8. Oct. 2014) courses will be available.
If you are interested in participating, you can register here


Young Investigator Programme
Funds may be applied for by individual researchers who are engaged in basic science and technology research. The Programme does not comprise health science, medical or biomedical research.

Associate professors
Associate professors who have gained permanent tenure within the last 3 years may apply for up to 7 mio. DKK (incl. OH) for a period of up to 5 years to fund:
- postdoctoral researchers
- PhD students
- Equipment
- technician assistance
- other customary project expenses.
Own salary costs are not eligible. Associate professors who do not hold permanent tenure must be able to document that they will hold their appointment for the duration of the project period. For applicants with the prospect of taking up an associate professorship within the near future, a conditional application may be submitted.

Postdoctoral researchers
Researchers at postdoctoral or assistant professor level may apply for up to 4 mio. DKK (incl. OH) for a period of up to 3 years to finance expenses for:
- own salary
- junior postdoctoral researchers
- equipment
- technician assistance
- other customary project expenses.
Financing of PhD students is not an eligible expense. Applicants are required to have at least 1 year's postdoctoral research experience.

Deadline: 29. June 2014.


Grants for preparatory work for Horizon2020 proposals
The aim of EUopSTART is to intensify the internationalization of Danish research and strengthen the relations between research institutions and businesses regarding research and innovation. Funding may be applied for to cover the following activities:
- Preparation of applications to European research programmes
- Preparation of applications to ERC
- Negotiation of a grant agreement
Public or private-sector businesses and knowledge institutions domiciled in Denmark may apply for EUopSTART funds. The applicant must be the organization, not individuals.

Open for applications from 1. July 2014, and forwarded on an ongoing basis, provided that funds are still available.

The Danish Innovation Foundation

Call for ERA-net proposals within the area of synthetic biology
The Danish Innovation Foundation is partner in the ERA-NET Synthehetic Biology (ERA-SynBio) from which Danish scientists can apply for funding for projects within synthetic biology. The Danish Innovation Foundation has allocated 1 mio. Euro for Danish participation.
ERA-SynBio is open now for applications to the call entitled: “ERASynBio 2nd joint call for transnational research projects – Building Synthetic Biology capacity through innovative transnational projects”
Submissions of proposals will be in a single step procedure.
The 12 countries have agreed to launch together this second joint call under ERA-SynBio: Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Latvia; Norway; Portugal; Slovenia; Spain; Switzerland; UK; USA.

Deadline for applications: 3. July 2014, 5 pm.

International Network Programme (INP)

Call for proposals for bilateral network activities in R&D with China, India, Israel, Japan, USA, Brazil and the Republic of Korea
The INP is aimed at giving researchers from both the public and the private sector an opportunity to establish networks and cooperation with researchers from countries that the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation has bilateral agreements with.
Grants are given to projects where there is not already a well-established connection between the project partners and for the following activities:

- Scientific workshops and conferences with participation of researchers, scientists, research experts and PhD-students from Denmark and from one or more of the selected countries.
- Travel between Denmark and the selected countries in order to identify potential for new projects and partnerships.
Ten million DKK has been reserved for this call. Each application can only be supported up to max 200.000 DKK, excl. OH.

Deadline: 16. August 2014


Call for Advanced Technology Projects
The overall objective of an Advanced Technology Project must be, within a specified time limit after the end of the funding period, a completely new product or a new generation of products through use of advanced technology. Focus on realizing market potentials by transforming advanced technology to value added. Can support the following:
- Projects with partnership between at least one Danish private company and at least one Danish public sector research institution.
- Innovation projects in which the project’s various parts, methods, approaches, etc. are known, but their combination is novel.
- Advanced technology projects with large-scale research activities, as the product aimed for can not be developed without considerable research effort.
- Required co-financing model: public sector party contributes 1/6; the private party by 2/6; and InnovationsFonden contributes 3/6 of the total budget. The Foundation’s share may increase if one or more of the project partners are Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME).
- 2-4 years funding period
- Applications can be made for an amount of 2,5-15 mio. DKK

Deadline for Phase 1 applications (expression of interests): 22. August 2014, 12:00 noon

OECD's Co-operative Research Programme (CRP) on biological resources in agriculture

Calls for proposals to Research Fellowships and Conference Sponsorship within one of the 3 following research themes:
- The Natural Resources Challenge
- Sustainability in Practice
- The Food Chain

Research Fellowship
Sponsorship of scientists to conduct research projects in a different Member country with a view to strengthening the international exchange of ideas and increasing international mobility and co-operation.
CPR supports transportation and subsistence costs to research scientists who have completed their postdoctoral training, have a permanent position, and are from Member countries to conduct research in a laboratory in another Member country. Fellowships may be from March 2015 and last from 6 to 26 weeks.

Conference Sponsorship
co-sponsorship of international conferences, workshops, symposia, congresses, with a view to informing policy makers, industry and the academic world of current and future research, scientific developments and opportunities on issues relevant to the CRP and the OECD’s policy priorities.
Eligible costs are expenses for invited speakers (travel and subsistence costs).

Deadline: 10. September, 2014

Marie Skłodowska-Curie

Individual Fellowships (IF) 
Individual Fellowships provide opportunities to acquire and transfer new knowledge and to work on research in a European context (EU Member States and Associated Countries) or outside Europe. The scheme particularly supports the return and reintegration of researchers from outside Europe who have previously worked here. It also develops or helps to restart the careers of individual researchers that show great potential, considering their experience.

Support is foreseen for individual, trans-national fellowships awarded to the best or most promising researchers for employment in EU Member States or Associated Countries, based on an application made jointly by the researcher and host organisation in the academic or non-academic sectors.
The applicants must, at the deadline for the submission of proposals, be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience.
The IF proposals may take one of the following forms:
- European Fellowship
- Global Fellowships

Deadline: 11. September, 2014 at 5pm, Brussels local time

General information to all applicants:

Please remember the Faculty of Science’s internal approval procedures, when applying for external funding: Budgets must be prepared in cooperation with Support Office, Science (SOS), and requests for budget assistance from applicants must be sent to SOS no later than 10 working days before application deadline.
SDUpro - our new electronic application database at Nat, SDU
Please remember to send your applications to
at Support Office, Science, for internal registration.

Our original database, Panda, has been integrated into SDUpro.
Note that all researchers still have access to their own applications
registered in Panda –
New Address for Panda

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