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Invitation to participate in meeting “Learn more about EU’s research and innovation programme on technical science

Don’t miss the great opportunity to learn more about Horizon 2020 in relation to technical sciences. TEK is hosting a meeting with different talks in relation to applying for a Horizon2020 project. 

Time: 11th December 2014 11.30-14.00
Place: Room A207 at NBA 1, Odense
Deadline for signing up: 4th December – mail to

Lundbeck Foundation - FELLOWSHIPS

Fellowships within Biomedicine and Health Science, with special focus on neurology, psychiatry and allergology/immune modulation, will be awarded to especially promising young researchers and their research groups.

Fellowships are awarded for 5 years - each amounts to 10 mio.DKK. The fellowships are intended for researchers who are qualified to establish or develop their own research groups within biomedicine and who have received their PhD degree within the last approx. 5-7 years.

Deadline: 15. December 2014

VELUX Visiting Professor programme 2015-2016

The Visiting Professor programme covers fields within science and technology, architecture, commercial and business research and business economics. The programme does not cover health science, medicine and biomedicine.
The aim of the programme is to assist Danish research and education institutions in attracting leading international experts at professorial level and thereby extend the institutions’ international capability and interfaces. The visiting professor is expected to engage actively in research and teaching at the host institution, incl. supervision of students writing dissertations and PhD theses, delivering lectures, holding seminars and workshops, etc.

A visiting professorship may last for min. 2 months and max. 6 months.
The programme does not support short-term stays for participation in reference groups, examination panels and strategy boards.

Applications from SDU for this Visiting Professor programme is coordinated by SDU-Ledelsessekretariatet, who is asking the Faculties to send applications to Kirsten Fly Malling, Juridisk Kontor, e-mail: no later than 10. December 2014. All applications from SDU will be submitted by Ledelsessekretariatet to the Foundation together with a priority list before 21. December 2014.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions aim to support the career development and training of researchers – with a focus on innovation skills – in all scientific disciplines through international and intersector mobility.

Innovative Training Networks (ITN) 
Innovative doctoral-level training providing a range of skills in order to maximise employability

The Innovative Training Networks (ITN) aim to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit.

Deadline: 13 January 2015

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

Postdoc Fellowships for Research abroad. With this call the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Committee on Medical and Natural Sciences Research invites young, ambitious Danish researchers to apply for a post-doctoral fellowship to conduct basic biomedical or clinical research outside of Denmark.

The successful applicant:
- has a max PhD-age or similar qualifications within 5 years of the application deadline
- must be accepted as employee at a DK university/research inst. throughout the entire program
- should spend min. 3 years abroad, followed by up to 1 year in DK
- is excited to take this opportunity to boost her/his own talent, as an investment for pursuing a future career in Danish top research

Eligible costs: Salary, running costs, travel and relocation costs, administrative costs for the DK university/research inst. that administer the fellowship.
Max 1 mio.DKK/year for a total of 4 mio.DKK/fellowship. Up to 3 fellowships will be funded.

Deadline: 29 January 2015 at 16:00.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Hallas-Møller Investigator award is given to a scientist who has established an independent research profile primarily within the fields of clinical or basic biomedical research. The award enables the scientist to establish or expand her/his own research group in DK.
The award is granted for 2½ years, with possibility of extending it for further 2½ years.

Max 2.2 mio.DKK/year, for a total of max 11 mio.DKK. Up to 2 Hallas-Møller Investigator awards per year.
Eligible costs: salary, operating expenses directly related to the project.

Deadline: 29 January 2015 at 16:00.

European Research Council grants (ERC)

Three ERC frontier research grants will be available under Work Programme 2015: Starting; Consolidator; and Advanced Grants, with the following expected deadlines:

ERC-2015-StG/Starting Grants. Supports top researchers with 2-7 years of experience from their PhD.

Deadline: 3. February 2015

ERC-2015-CoG/Consolidator Grants. Support top researchers with 7-12 years of experience form their PhD.

Deadline: 12. March 2015

ERC-2015-AdG/Advanced Grants. Open to excellent, established researchers who have a recent research track record which identifies them as leaders in their research fields.
Call: 10/2-2015
Deadline: 2. June 2015

ERC Work Programme 2015

Horizon 2020 – new funding options in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

  • ICT-04-2015: Customized and low power computing
  • ICT-08-2015: Boosting public sector productivity and innovation through cloud computing services
  • ICT-10-2015: Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation
  • ICT-12-2015: Integrating experiments and facilities in FIRE+
  • ICT-16-2015: Big data – research
  • ICT-19-2015: Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence
  • ICT-20-2015: Technologies for better human learning and teaching
  • ICT-24-2015: Robotics
  • ICT-25-2015: Generic micro- and nano-electronic technologies
  • ICT-27-2015: Photonics KET
  • ICT-28-2015: Cross-cutting ICT KETs
  • ICT-30-2015: Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects
  • ICT-36-2015: Pre-commercial procurement open to all areas of public interest requiring new ICT solutions
  • ICT-38-2015: International partnership building and support to dialogues with high income countries
  • ICT-39-2015: International partnership and building in low and middle income countries

Read more about the specific calls at the Participant Portal 

Deadline: 14. April 2015

If you have an idea for one or more of the calls or you are in need of a project partner, you could consider to participate in the ERRIN ICT Project Development Workshop on November 28th 2014 in Brussels. The main activities will be project development and networking.

General information to all applicants:

You may find further information about other funding opportunities at our web site under “Funding calendar” and “Calls without deadlines”.
Please remember the Faculty of Science’s internal approval procedures, when applying for external funding: Budgets must be prepared in cooperation with Support Office, Science (SOS), and requests for budget assistance from applicants must be sent to SOS no later than 10 working days before application deadline.

SDUpro - our new electronic application database at Nat, SDU
Please remember to send your applications to
at Support Office, Science, for internal registration.

Our original database, Panda, has been replaced by Acadre – but please note, that all researchers still have access to their own applications registered in Panda.

All applications sent to after the 14th of May are registered in Acadre – the address will be announced at some point during spring 2015.

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