People News from the Faculty of Science, week 21

Hal Caswell , Affiliated Professor at the Max-Planck Odense Center on the Biodemograpy of Aging, has received the 2014 Mindel C. Sheps Award for his contributions to mathematical demography. The award is presented biennially by the Population Association of America (PAA).

Nikolaj Becker from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy defended his PhD dissertation “Tempo and Mode of Complex Dynamics in Physics and Biology” on Thursday 15 May.

On Tuesday 20 May, Ida Dreier, also from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, defended her PhD dissertation “Synthesis of Ribosomal Ligands by Click Chemistry”.

On 23 May, the Jan Bergström Young Geoscientist Award 2014 was presented to Emma Hammarlund, post doc at NordCEE, at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Sweden.

Professor Christian Reidys from the Department of Mathemathics and Computer Science is currently in Turin, Italy to give a course on the Topology and Combinatorics of RNA structures at the Excellence Course within the PhD in Applied Mathematics at Politecnico di Torino. The course runs from 5-27 May.

Ole G. Mouritsen, Professor at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, will be heading a new centre for the exploration of taste and its importance to health promotion and people’s quality of life.

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