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Faeces & Species - the SHIT! project

Our gut contains a hidden world over which we have very little awareness or control. Both food consumption and defecation are caught up in rich cultural arrangements saturated with social norms, rituals and taboos. At the same time, our alliances with the multitudes of microbes in our gut carries on largely unnoticed, unless we encounter digestive problems. Significantly, as many as 25% of people experience chronic gut problems in their lifetime. Yet, most will not speak about it.
The SHIT! Project involves participatory workshops and events in which visitors engage collectively, introspectively and performatively with the intricate processes taking place midway between the food they consume and the ‘shit’ they produce. The events are developed in consultation with medical experts, health foundations and museums to encourage people to share information about their gut processes.
The first public events will be delivered at residential meetings of the Danish Colitis-Crohn Foreningen (CCF) in October 2019. The aim of the project is to spur a genuine interest in our otherwise taboo-ridden social discourse on shit, and for participants to contribute to a collective exploration of the language, morphology and taxonomy with which we deal with shit in our everyday lives.
Impact of Fæces & Species ~ SHIT!
There is a fundamental rift between humans and the rest of nature, including our bodily microbiomes. SHIT! Seeks to understand how design can help to heal this rift, assist people with gut problems to speak of the unspeakable, work with their families, the medical profession and their gut, towards interconnected flourishing: improved health and wellbeing with our microbiomes.

Danielle Wilde, associate professor
Research group: Design & Participation 
Department: Department of Design & Communication


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