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Reducing energy consumption

Our increasingly digital lives consume steadily rising amounts of electrical energy, but awareness for these costs is low, because only 20% of the energy is needed in the device itself, like in the phone, the laptop or desktop computer. The other 80% occur elsewhere, mostly for the data transmission via wireless networks. 

Any intervention to reduce energy consumption thus needs to
  1. inform people about how much their behavior really costs; for example, how much electricity is needed for sending a ‘thank you’ e-mail, spending 15 minutes on Instagram or streaming a movie;
  2. develop ideas for how the consumption can be lowered and
  3. develop interventions, such as apps or tangible means to remind people of their good intentions in the right moment. 
We work with a group from SDU's Citizen Science Talent Programme, design compelling communication materials and work on persuasive technologies.

We aim to reduce our staff's and students’ energy consumption and look for ways to reaching out to kids and families to increase the awareness for this part of our everyday behavior.

Kerstin Fischer, professor (MSO) for Language and Technology Interaction
Research group: InTech
Department: Department of Design and Communication

Sidst opdateret: 15.09.2020