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CO2 theatre

Young citizens are invited to reflect on social norms and practices around climate goals and CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions. Participatory theatre and co-design methods offer way to meet the longing for shared forums by engaging large groups of people in exploring difficult social dilemmas. The aim is to empower the young participants to change their own situations with family, friends, school and social media groups. The emotions related to global problems such as climate change are often negative such as worry, despair, anger, guilt and helplessness.
We aim to provide an arena to understand these emotions by exploring the everyday stories of young people, find out how young people negotiate social norms and create space for reflexive dialogue to investigate what their way of living might mean in the light of CO2e emissions. We explore mundane situations, for example how much CO2e does it emit to drive to school, use a smart phone or follow a plant-based diet instead of eating meat. We compliment this approach by drawing from life cycle analysis (LCA) of objects and improve stories about the lifespan of everyday objects in our life.
The Carbon Dioxide Theatre is initiated by Västmandland County Museum in Västerås Sweden. Together with project partnerse SDU Design Research, SDU Kolding, and RISE Interactive, the Swedish IT & Design Research Institute.
The project is funded by Formas, a Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development.


Merja Ryöppy, PhD Student
Elena Strøbech, theatre consultant
Henry Larsen, professor
Department: Department of Design and Communication



Sidst opdateret: 15.09.2020