Facilitating Health Communication - Medical Practice and Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

A host of new developments challenge health care systems and contemporary medical practice. These challenges comprise amongst others economic strains, technological innovations, multiple morbidities, demands for patient involvement and demographic changes, calling for systemic reforms and innovative health care strategies. In which ways can contemporary medical practice benefit from research the Humanities and Social Sciences? How to facilitate health communication by social research? With its strategic research program Human Health, the University of Southern Denmark aims at answering these questions. Human Health represents a multidisciplinary research platform on the various dimensions of health communication, bringing together scholars from the medical, humanistic and social science faculties. The research program is organised in five thematic groups:

  1. Narrative Medicine
  2. Digital Health
  3. Patientology
  4. Interactive and Cognitive Processes in Health Care
  5. Health and Wellbeing Assessment, Health Communication, and User Involvement

With the conference Facilitating Health Communication - Medical Practice and Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Southern Denmark will introduce its new research program Human Health to a broader audience. At the conference leading scholars and practitioners in the field will discuss with our researchers the five thematic fields of Human Health and the intersection of medical practice and research more generally. Moreover, we are looking forward to getting the input of the audience to our research agenda.

Find the program and register for the conference here.

Registration for the conference closes October 31st 2019. 

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