Jacob Jensen

Head of Analytics
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 9293
Email: jac@sdu.dk
Webside: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacjensen/

What Jacob brings to the table 
Jacob is characterized by experienced and courageous leadership of organizational change.  Jacob's ambition is to strengthen the strategic decision-making at SDU through innovative management information based on advanced analytics.  Jacob has been working with data analysis since 1997 in the fields of:
  • Research Analysis. The Danish Institute for Studies in Research and Research Policy 1997-2001, including the role as EuroStat National Expert in R&D. 
  • Analyzes in the field of education: SDU 2001-2013, including the position as Head of Student Services Analysis unit 2009-2013 with responsibility for business analytics on students and study programs, secretariat of accreditation and quality of education, and first level user support for the study administration system STADS.  
  • Strategic management information at SDU since 2014.  
Primary work areas 
  • Management of SDU Analytics 
  • Facilitator at SDU Executive Board’s strategic meetings (4 “Pitstop” per year)  
  • Promotion of the synergy between SDU strategy and new analytic solutions   
  • Increase the organization's data literacy - widely across the university 
  • Cultivate employee-driven innovation and process optimization 
Lifelong learning  
  • Northwestern University: Business Analytics for Decision Makers, On Campus Certification 2019 
  • UC Berkeley, School of Information: Data Science for Executives, Online Certification 2019 
  • Cornell University, SC Johnson College of Business: Data Analyst 360, Online Certification 2018 
  • University of Southern Denmark: Professional Master in Evaluation, On campus 2006-2008 
  • Aarhus University: Political Science, 1991-1997. 
Outreach and presentations 
  • International speaker in the field of how to support data-driven decision making 
  • Lecturer and teacher of how to develop and deploy all kind of evaluations 
  • Acknowledged sparring partner regarding evaluation design and analysis methods 
  • A lot of network and informal knowledge sharing meetings about advanced analytics 
  • A diligent writer on LinkedIn with articles on analytics and management information

Portrætfoto af analysechef Jacob Jensen

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