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Rasmus Høll Nielsen

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 1732

What Rasmus brings to the table 

Rasmus joined SDU in 2017. He brought with him data analysis and programming skills from his PhD in Cognitive Semiotics from Aarhus University, where he designed and conducted experiments on auditory perception and cognition. 

Throughout his time at SDU, he has been working with educational data, internal reporting, and reporting to The Ministry of Higher Education.

Rasmus has a natural interest in technical aspects. This has has led him to having a main architectural role in designing and implementing SDU Analytics’ data warehouse for educational data. Apart from data wrangling, his primary focus is on the designing processes for ensuring stable operation, such as deployment and automation strategies, versioning control and workflows that support safe development and transparent documentation of the data warehouse.

During and after his PhD, Rasmus worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer. It has given him experience in teaching, presenting and delivering and receiving constructive feedback.

In 2021 Rasmus joined SDU Analytics.

Primary work areas 
  • Data warehouse development
  • Establishing data structure for analysis of educational data
  • Data quality assurance
  • Reporting of educational data to The Ministry of Higher Education
Lifelong learning 
  • Courses and self-study in SQL, Phyton, R and Git
  • Data science courses
  • Spare-time programming
Outreach and presentations
  • International presentations and workshops on our international business intelligence tools

  • Presentations and meetings with international stakeholders with a strategic management information scope

Portrætfoto af dataanalytiker Rasmus Høll Nielsen