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Pernille Camillus Naundrup

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 9599

What Pernille brings to the table 

Pernille has been working with educational data since she joined SDU in 2015.

Pernille applies her strong analytical skills in exploring data in core systems, data cleaning and data wrangling. Thereby transforming raw data in core systems to useful tools supporting stakeholders within SDU.

Besides supplying data within SDU, Pernille is also experienced in reporting data to Statistics Denmark, Universities Denmark and The Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

In 2021 Pernille joined SDU Analytics.
Primary work areas 
  • Administrative tools for student administration
  • Development of dashboards for educational data
  • Administration of access to administrative lists
Lifelong learning 
  • R programming
  • SAS programming
  • Data visualization with PowerBI and Qlikview
  • Cand.Scient. in Biology (2014)
Outreach and presentations
  • Presentations and meeting with internal stakeholders with a student administrative scope

Portrætfoto af dataanalytiker Pernille Camillus Naundrup