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Gitte Rønholt Hvidt

Senior Analyst
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 2062

What Gitte brings to the table 
Gitte has been working with data modelling and analysis since 2007. The first seven years within the finance sector and the playground industry, where she worked with performance management, strategic benchmarking, mergers and acquisitions and incentive structures among other things. 
Gitte joined SDU in 2014 where she began working as a data analyst within the area of student analytics. Here she worked with the educational quality KPIs and enrollment prediction and analysis. Since 2018 Gitte has been working in SDU Analytics with research analytics. Her primary focus is the development of a research data foundation and research analyses with a strategic management information scope.   
Primary work areas 
  • Lead within the Research Analytics team 
  • Establishing a research data foundation 
  • Development of dashboards for strategic management information 
  • Stakeholder involvement in the form of presentations, workshops etc. 
Lifelong learning 
  • Relevant bibliometric courses, eg. CWTS Leiden ‘Responsible use of Research metrics’ 
  • Data science courses
  • Python, R, SAS and SQL courses
  • Data visualization workshop with Stephen Few
  • Master of Business Administration – Finance and accounting (SDU 2006)
Outreach and presentations 
  • Data visualization presentation at Bench Tech for the ten largest Tech universities worldwide
  • Presentations in the Danish educational sector
  • Internal presentations with a strategic management information scope

Portrætfoto af senior analytiker Gitte Rønholt Hvidt