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Emilie Lemming Müller

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 3056

What Emilie brings to the table 

Emilie has an educational mix between political and educational science. This provides her with a variety of skills from both areas, with strategic and organizational perspectives as well as educational knowledge.

Through her Master Thesis she specialized in databased governance and how performance metrics and data visualizations can construct certain meanings of educational quality. 

Combined, this gives her expertise in the analysis and strategic use of data and performance metrics in educational settings. 

Earlier Emilie has worked with educational data on different levels e.g. local dropout data from high schools and largescale evaluative data on students in the transition from primary to secondary education (UPV). 

At SDU Analytics Emilie contributes to analysis with both educational and research data and in producing data-based presentation materials for management use. Furthermore, she oversees SDU’s international rankings, and is in charge of documenting the university’s academic and sustainability efforts and submitting data to various kinds of international rankings.

Primary work areas 
  • Educational and strategic data analysis
  • Educational and strategic data presentation
  • International ranking & data about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
Lifelong learning 
  • Cand. Soc. Udd. (Master in Educational Science)
  • Ba. Scient. Pol (Bachelor in Political Science)
  • R programming courses
Outreach and presentations 
  • Presentations at the Executive Board 
  • Presentations at Study Coordination Group for Quality (SAK KVAL)
  • Guest in Green Alsion’s podcast “Green Visions - Green Ideas” talking about Green Metric ranking and how SDU use ranking information.
  • Webinar – Start-up for YERUN Staff Days about international ranking of sustainability efforts & the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Portrætfoto af dataanalytiker Emilie Lemming Müller