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Anders Friis Olsen

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics


What Anders brings to the table

Anders joined SDU in 2013. He has been one of the pioneers to modernize The Student Environment Survey on SDU. With a special focus on stakeholders and students, Anders has contributed in developing the questionnaire, running the survey, and communicating the results. The survey contains mixed method research, and therefore the data processing is both with quantitative and qualitative data resulting in report, dashboard and presentations. The survey has become an integrated part of SDU and has had the best response rate among the Danish universities since 2015.  

In 2021 Anders joined SDU Analytics.

Primary work areas
  • The Study Environment Durvey at SDU
  • International Ranking
Lifelong learning
  • Project work for technical administrative staff at SDU
  • QlikView, Power BI, SiteCore and R courses
  • Survey and SurveyXact courses
  • Master of Science in Biology and Geography
  • Minor in Social Science
Outreach and presentations
  • Patent representative in OUH's research committee
  • Part of the steering committee for The Study Environment Survey at SDU
  • Survey presentations for students and employees at SDU

Portrætfoto af dataanalytiker Anders Friis Olsen