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Agner Holmbjerg Schibler

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 8987

What Agner brings to the table

Agner joined SDU in 2015 as a part of SDUs initiative to redesign the quota 2-admission system. In 2018 Agner became a part of SDU Analytics. Agner’s primary focus is on effective analysis and visualization of data, ranging from single charts or data analysis to comprehensive dashboards in a ‘robust yet easy to comprehend’-design.

Agner’s work field covers several different areas such as student behavior and performance, applicants-selection, quality assurance of selection methods and underlying processes. Both as stand-alone reports and as cross sectoral in-depth analysis. Analysis based on various sources such as SDUs internal data and external data from The Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s data warehouse. This work requires backend capability which involves handling messy data and processes that lies within the data.

Agner’s ability to anticipate and think strategically combined with a political awareness provides the foundation for strong business analytics. Analysis that, while being envisioned and flexible, provides key information and valuable insights for both executive management and the administrative staff at SDU.

Primary work areas
  • Data Integration and analytics within the quota 2-admission system
  • Analyses based on The Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s data warehouse
  • Quality assurance of SDUs selection and admission methods
  • Develop and maintain the data foundation for Advance Analytics
Lifelong learning
  • Internal SDU courses on Data Science and programming in R and Python
  • Cand. Scient Pol (SDU 2014)
Outreach and presentations
  • Presentations and meetings with internal stakeholders with a strategic management information scope


Portrætfoto af dataanalytiker Agner Holmbjerg Schibler