Hanne Peoples

Engagement in everyday activities and quality of life of people living with advanced cancer at home

Background This Ph.D. project is focused on everyday activities of people with advanced cancer living at home. Cancer in advanced stages may cause functional limitations subsequently leading to decreased ability to engage in everyday activities. There is currently limited knowledge on how an advanced cancer illness impact the ability to engage in everyday activities, and how it influences their quality of life.

Objective To describe and explore the problems and needs of everyday activities and how these are experienced and prioritized by people with advanced cancer when living at home, and how this influences their quality of life. 

Method The project will draw on a combination of methods.

Study 1: A cross-sectional descriptive study of cancer patient’s activity problems at home:

Approximately 180 participants will be included. The participants will be assessed in their homes with the following instruments: ADL-I, IPPA and AMPS. Descriptive analysis will be applied.

Study 2: A qualitative study of cancer patient’s activity needs and subjective quality of life:

Approximately 12 participants will be interviewed twice in their homes. Data collection will additionally involve field-notes. Thematic content analysis will be applied for data analysis.

Clinical Relevance This study will contribute to the knowledge base on everyday activities of people living with advanced cancer at home, and how these influence their quality of life. This knowledge can be used to the development of activity-based home interventions for cancer patients.


Hanne Peoples
e-mail: hpeoples@health.sdu.dk


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