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Cand.scient.san.publ. Lise Gehrt - 17.03.2023 - ph.d.-forsvar

"Non-specific effects of vaccination against Measles-Mumps-Rubella on vaccine non-targeted infections in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden"

Date and time:

17-03-2023 at 14:00


The Seminar Room
Danish Institute for Advanced Study
University of Southern Denmark
Fioniavej 34
5000 Odense

Committee of Examiners:

Associate Professor Björn Pasternak
Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute

Associate Professor Mads Kamper-Jørgensen
Department of Epidemiology, KU

Associate Professor Mette Wod (chair)
center for klinisk epidemiologi, SDU

Main supervisor:

Professor Christine Stabell Benn
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Redaktionen afsluttet: 10.03.2023