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Ph.d.-forsvar Helene Korvenius Nedergaaard - 23.08.2019 - PhD Oral Defence Session

"Effect of non-sedation on Post-Intensive Care Syndrome. Three sub-studies of the NONSEDA-trial."

Date and time:

23-08-2019 at 14:30:00


Sundhedscenter Kolding
Sygehusvej 6
6000 Kolding

Committee of Examiners:

Professor Timothy Walsh
Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Division of Health Sciences, Deanery of Clinical Sciences, Edinburgh Royal Infirmery and Edinburgh University

PhD Helle Svenningsen
VIA sundhedsfremme og rehabilitering, VIA University College

Professor Jakob Grauslund (chairman)
Department of Clinical Research, SDU

Main supervisor:

Professor Palle Toft
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Redaktionen afsluttet: 03.07.2019