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Nyt ph.d.-samarbejde igangsat med Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)

Titlen på ph.d.'en er "Managing visitor satisfaction in tourist attraction"

First PhD-student started within the PhD-collaboration of IME and the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)


The HSBA was founded in 2004 by Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce. As a state-recognized third-level institution, it offers for almost 840 students part-time master’s degrees (i.e., M.Sc. Global Management and Governance, MBA Honorable Leadership, MBA Corporate Management, and MBA Shipping) and dual bachelor’s degrees (i.e., B.Sc. Business Administration, B.Sc. Business Informatics, B.Sc. Logistics Management, B.Sc. Maritime Management, and B.Sc. Media Management), in which students alternate between blocks of theory at university and practice at one of more than 250 cooperating companies.


The outline of the PhD cooperation includes that PhD candidates obtain supervision at the HSBA and at SDU. The PhD degree will be granted by the SDU where the student is formally enrolled.


On May 1st, the first PhD-student within this SDU-HSBA-collaboration, Lea Susanne Faerber, has started her PhD-project entitled “Managing visitor satisfaction in tourist attraction”. Within the individual sub-projects of the PhD-thesis she will analyze 1) drivers of visitor frequency and satisfaction of tourist attractions, 2) when visitor satisfaction positively influences visitor loyalty, as well as 3) drivers of audio-guide success in tourist attractions.

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