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Ph.d.-studerende Andrei Bobu har besøgt instituttet

Impressions about my mobility stage at SDU, Esbjerg

Even from my first day here (when I have attended 2 meetings) I was glad to find out that at this University the management it's on horizontal, which means that everyone it's taking part in University's strategy and decision process. Also I found the working environment here friendly and collaborative one and... you can always ask someone if you have a problem/disclarity.

During my staying here, which was about 4 month, I have been involved in 2 projects and I have been participated at a conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. I can say that I have enjoyed working with the team here (Jacob, Liping, Leise, Gang) and I learned not only some things that will be helpful for my thesis but also some things like how you manage projects here, how it's the team working going etc.

I will have to add that the Library it's functinal and you can get any book you need in a couple of days, which was really helpful for my research and I think this is a great asset for any University.

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Redaktionen afsluttet: 04.09.2012