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Energy Island in Denmark: Is it beneficial to the society?

Join our conference on energy islands

Af Charlotte Helene Damberg, , 16-11-2021

Recently, Denmark has decided to establish two offshore wind energy islands in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea respectively, with the intension to provide increase supply of green electricity to Denmark and neighboring countries.

Though these energy islands will give Denmark a pioneering position in the world, there are some concerns that these two ambitious projects demand very critical infrastructures which will disturb the marine ecosystem and that these wind power hubs will be too expensive to achieve overall societal benefits.

To provide insights on societal impacts of the Danish Energy Island, the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, SDU Esbjerg, is pleased to invite you to attend the conference "Energy Island in Denmark - is it beneficial to the society?"

The aim of the conference is to broaden and deepen our understanding on key objectives and features of the Danish Energy Island. The keynote speakers will provide a societal perspective on the Energy Island.

What is in fact an Energy Island? What are the challenges for establishing an Energy Island? What kind of effect will society obtain? How will the functions of the Energy Island affect its boundaries at shore?

The conference takes place in Esbjerg at SDU on November 30 from 13.00 to 17.00. The conference is free of charge, but registration is necessary due to the refreshments. It is possible to attend the conference both physically or online. 


Our keynote speakers are:

  • Henrik Stiesdal, CEO, Stiesdal A/S
  • Hans Henrik Lindboe, Partner at Ea Energianalyse A/S
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