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Ph.d.'er med tilknytning til videnscenteret


ICD-11 PTSD and CPTSD: Traumatic Experiences, Personality Pathology, and Dissociation.
Møller, L.
2021. Københavns Universitet, Det sundhedsvidenskabelige fakultet
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Attachment dimensions in young persons with concussion: stability and impact on symptom reporting and treatment outcome
Tuborgh, A. H.
, 11. oct. 2021, Aarhus Universitet.
 Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Family impact of Complex Childhood Epilepsy.
Jakobsen, A. V., 9. aug. 2021, Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet. 176 s. Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Psychological trauma and intimate partner violence
Dokkedahl, S. B., 2021, Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet. 221 s.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Is suicide preventable in Gulu District ?
Oboke, E. H. 
2021, Gulu University i Uganda.
 Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Childhood trauma and related mental health outcomes in an offender
Travis, A. 
 Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Developmental and psychosocial factors that predict offender desistance.
McDonagh, T
. 2021
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

PSNI trauma risk management strategy evaluation study.
Tamrakar, T.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Integrational Trauma among Refugrees: Parants' perceptions of how trauma has impacted on the parent-child relationship
Flanagan, N.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling



Occupational well-being among Danish Child Protection Workers: Prevalence, Predictors and Prevention of Secondary Traumatisation and Burnout
Vang, M. L., 20. apr. 2020, Ulster University.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling


Adolescent Dating Violence and the Contributing role of Child Maltreatment
Karsberg, S
., 2019, Odense: Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

How Can We Identify Traumatized Children? A study on validating assessment tools for identifying children who suffer from trauma symptomatology
Schandorph Løkkegaard, S., 1. feb. 2019, 1. udg. Odense: Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet. 317 s.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Measuring PTSD, depression and anxiety across cultures
Vindbjerg, E.
, 2019, Odense: Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet. Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Everyday Violence: On repeated exposure to workplace violence and its association with PTSD
Jesper Phil-Tingvad,
. 2019. University of Southern Denmark
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling



Reported rape: An investigation of attrition in a sample of reported rapes within a Danish police district
Beck Hansen, N., 2017, Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling 

Trauma-affected refugees: Pharmacological treatment and psychosocial predictors of treatment outcome
Sonne, C. K., 2017, Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Mediation and moderation effects of sex and gender in PTSD
Christiansen, D. M. 
, 2017. Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, Aarhus University.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling


Evaluating a Multidisciplinary Approach for Treating Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault
Nielsen, L. H,
2016. Århus Universitet
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling



The Psychological Impact of Bank Robbery - Investigating the Latent Structure of Acute Stress Disorders, and risk factors of Developing Acute and Long-term Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms: PHD thesis
Hansen, M., 24. jun. 2014, Syddansk Universitet. Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Traumatic Stress Reactions Following Military Deployment: Data driven approaches for better identification of heterogeneous outcomes: PHD thesis
Karstoft, K.,
 July 2014,Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet.

Traumatisation in children and adolescents: A broad perspective.
Petersen, T.
, 2014. Syddansk Universitet.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling


Measurement and documentation of complex PTSD in treatment seeking traumatized refugees: Ph.D. thesis
Palic, S.
, 2013, Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet. 188 s.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Autobiographical Memories in Borderline Personality Disorder.
Bech, M.,
kke færdiggjort Phd project. Morten blev syg af kræft og afgik ved døden, før han kunne færdiggøre sin phd.



The development of chronic pain – a diathesis-stress perspective on whiplash associated disorders and other pain conditions
Andersen, T. E., 2012
, Syddansk Universitet. Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling


Loneliness in adolscence: conceptualization, methodology, and empirical evidence: Ph.D Thesis.
Lasgaard, M., 2010, 207 s.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling



The relationship between Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in traffic accident victims.
Fuglsang, K. A
., 2013
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling
Hør Anette tale om PTSD her

Psychosocial sequelae following coronary artery disease
Pedersen, S.S., 2002, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

Voksne børn fra familier med alkoholproblemer - mestring og modstandsdygtighed
Lindgaard, H.
, 2002.
Publikation: Afhandling › Ph.d.-afhandling

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