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Spin-outs Denmark is a grant for young researchers from Danish universities who want to commercialize research and create a spin-out company.

The focus is on technologies that drive innovation and will transform business and production processes. These technologies include robotics, digital technologies and Sustainable Development Goals opportunities and solutions.

The grant consists of one-year salary, bench fee, mandatory training in business development and tailormade support from mentor and business developer and will be part of an innovative environment supporting the researcher in maturing the technology and invention.

Who can apply
Spin-outs Denmark is aimed at creating high-quality companies around junior researchers at postdoc level or equivalent.

The focus will be on research that show a commercial potential within social sciences, humanities or within the technical and natural sciences. These include fields such as engineering and IT, and cover areas such as production, energy, transport, materials, robots, agro-tech and information technology. 

How to apply
The application consists of both a written application and an oral pitch. The application process consists of several steps – from expression of interest to entering the programme – and it is expected to last a maximum of three months.

The application is assessed by three sets of criteria: Research excellence and innovation height, Business potential and value creation, and Implementation. 

At the University of Southern Denmark, the next call opens September 1st 2023.

Deadline is October 23rd 2023

If you consider applying or want to hear more, please reach out to Spin-outs Denmark representative at SDU RIO, Bo Nilsson, Business Developer, / 24 98 41 17


Questions to Spin-Outs Denmark?

Please reach out to Spin-Outs Denmark representative at SDU-RIO Bo Nilsson, Business Developer, / 24 98 41 17

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