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Theresa Junker

Nephspare PRO - Patient reported outcome after nephron sparing treatment of small renal tumors

Theresa Junker, RN, PhD student

Surgery in the form of partial nephrectomy (PN) has traditionally been the preferred treatment of small renal tumours. Cryoablation (Cryo) is another nephron sparing treatment introduced 20 years ago as a treatment option of comorbid renal cancer patients with high surgical risk.

The purpose is ao assess and compare clinical outcome and quality of life after PN and Cryo, respectively. The project is designed as a prospective comparative cohort study, including a literature study. We include patients from Region Zealand and the Region of region of Southern Denmark in a two-year time period. We only include patients with biopsy verified renal cell carcinoma.

Main supervisor:

Ole Graumann, Associate Professor, MD, PhD


Lars Lund, Professor, MD, DMSc

Benjamin Rasmussen, MD, PhD, Post Doc

Birgitte Nørgaard, Associate Professor, RN, PhD

Nessn H Asawi, Clinical Associate Professor, MD, PhD

Time span:


Sidst opdateret: 07.02.2020