The Ph.D. programme is a three year position and provides a possibility to gain knowledge in health economics and health services research, undertake advanced learning in a specialized field, and perform original research in close collaboration with members of the faculty. The Ph.D. student will gain a broad knowledge of the field and skills in the application and development of appropriate methods. The three year position offers a exceptional opportunity to work in with one’ own interests combined with the possibility to be supervised.

A Ph.D. degree gives the possibility for a career at universities and is an excellent possibility to get interesting positions in private companies, consultancy firms, ministries etc.

The Health Economics Unit is involved in two Ph.D. programmes.

With a master’s degree in economics (or equivalent degree in Social Sciences) the Ph.D. student will be enrolled under the Ph.D. programme in Economics with specialization in Health Economics under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

Within Health Economics, the students may specialize in one of the three research areas of the Health Economics Unit: Economic Evaluation including Health Technology Assessment, Organization and Financing of the Health Care Sector and Health Policy.

With a Master’s degree in Health Sciences the Ph.D. student will be enrolled under the Ph.D. programme under the Faculty of Health Sciences. In this case, the student will normally specialize in Health Services Research. Further information

The Ph.D. students are encouraged to spend one semester at a university in a foreign country. Ph.D. courses are normally planned individually in cooperation with their counsellor. Recently, Ph.D. students have spend a semester at the University of Sidney, Aberdeen, Stanford or Bergen. The Unit cooperates with the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo in offering courses of specific relevance to health economics on a regular basis, see

The Health Economics Unit is member of Danish Graduate School in Public Health Science (GRASPHS):


Courses within the GRASPH are announced at:


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