Analysis Seminar (Analyseseminar)

Date 26.-27. november 2015    
Time and place 26. november, 09:30-16:00  and 27. november, 09:00-15:00
in meetingroom Romeo both days
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Closing date for this course was November 2, 2015
ECTS 1.5, if you bring data, 1 ECTS otherwise. Attendance both days obligatory for ECTS
Deltagere:  Max. 10 


For those of you working with data, analysis of those data can be one of the more challenging aspects of your work. Does your analysis hold? What other analyses might do a better job? Is your analysis consistent with your theoretical and methodological framework? Is their a special 'rhetoric' to writing up an analysis? If these sorts of questions interest you, then an analysis seminar might be useful.

There are of course many different types of data and many different types of analyses. In this two day seminar, we will be working with qualitative analysis. The actual analyses we will work with is up to the participants. You will have the opportunity to submit data, eg. interviews, texts, ordinary interaction, which will then be discussed in a data session where your particular analytic approach, among others, will be discussed.

It is useful if you have already done the Qualitative Methods and Fieldwork Seminars. You are of course welcome to register without having done so, but priority will be given those who have completed at least one of the seminars.

Teacher: Dennis Day (and perhaps some others)  


’Our events are open free of charge to PhD students from our own program, and from all other programs provided they also offer tuition free of charge to our students. ’Soon-to-be’ Phd students may also attend with permission from the event instructors and the Program Director, whom you should first contact if this applies to you (Dennis Day: We are also very happy if senior members of staff wish to attend, particularly PhD supervisors, and will accommodate them in lieu of space. We ask all who attend an event to register. You’ll find the online registration form on the same page as the event description.’