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Predefense: PhD-student, Gayanga Bandara Herath

Date: 23rd July
Time and place: From 9 - 11 am
Via Zoom (Link will be provided)
Please contact Davide Secchi - mail: 
Registration: No registration
Supervisor: Davide Secchi, Department of Language and Communication 
Opponent: Fabian Homberg, LUISS Business School. 



Title: Organization-Cognition Fit: Exploring recruitment and selection through Agent-based Modelling 

This PhD project emphasises the need to rethink the fundamentals of the current recruitment and selection measurements contained in the Person-Environment Fit paradigm, due to structural problems that prohibit them from adequately reflecting the dynamic character of organizational life. Thus, this work aimed to seek and surpass traditional P-E fit measurements via the lens of a distributed e-cognition perspective. In so doing, the study utilizes an Agent-based simulation modelling approach to inquire and explore the bounds of a new measure — Organization-Cognition (O-C) fit — that attempts to capture the bounds of social interaction (social organizing) in a social environment such as an organizational team, and in turn perhaps transcend the current static measures found in the literature. 



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