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Undervejsseminar 2

Date: April 21, 2020 **UDSAT``

Der afholdes i stedet et online Skype-orienteringsmøde ved
Cindie Aaen Maagaard, den 21.04.2020 - kl. 12:30-13:30
Time and place: 11:45-14:00
In meetingroom Sokrates, SDU, Campus Odense
Registration: Before April 14, 2020.
Register here.
ECTS: 0,5 med præsentation / 0,25 uden præsentation 


Undervejs Seminar 2


Undervejsseminar er udsat på ubestemt tid. 
Der afholdes i stedet et orienteringsmøde via Skype ved Cindie Aaen Maagaard, den 21. april 2020 mellem kl. 12:30-13:30. 

This underway seminar will begin with time for participants to share their experiences with teaching, travel and research. Cindie will orient on the planning of upcoming activities that are relevant for Ph.D. students, and we will discuss students’ needs for Ph.D. courses.

Students will also have the opportunity to give short presentations of their work, including current issues and problems that they would like to discuss informally with other students. Students who would like to give a presentation or present an issue for discussion are asked to notify Cindie at least three days in advance of the seminar.

Lunch will be provided for those who register for the seminar. Please notify Cindie by the deadline above, if you have any special requirements.


Our events are open free of charge to PhD students from our own program, and from all other programs provided they also offer tuition free of charge to our students. ’Soon-to-be’ Phd students may also attend with permission from the event instructors and the Program Director, whom you should first contact if this applies to you (Cindie Aaen Maagaard at We are also very happy if members of staff wish to attend, particularly PhD supervisors, and will accommodate them in lieu of space. We ask all who attend an event to register. You’ll find the online registration form on the same page as the event description.

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