Underway Seminar *AFLYST*

Date April 9, 2019  **AFLYST**
Time and place In meetingroom ROMEO, SDU, Campus Odense
Registration Was before April 1, 2019
ECTS 0,5 with presentation / 0,25 without presentation 


Underway Seminar

Underway seminars are informal seminars for PhD students and their supervisors. They are RSVP, which means we appreciate an email if you can’t attend or a simple online registration if you can.  PhD students may hold a brief presentation, 20 mins., of some aspect of their project they'd like feedback on. Students are expected to hold one such presentation per year. New students will be expected to hold a 10 minute presentation where they simply 'present their project' at their first seminar. Otherwise at Underway seminars we discuss course activities and other issues of concern for the PhD program.

Seminar Leader: Dennis Day and Cindie Aaen Maagaard



Our events are open free of charge to PhD students from our own program, and from all other programs provided they also offer tuition free of charge to our students. ’Soon-to-be’ Phd students may also attend with permission from the event instructors and the Program Director, whom you should first contact if this applies to you (Dennis Day: dennis.day@sdu.dk). We are also very happy if members of staff wish to attend, particularly PhD supervisors, and will accommodate them in lieu of space. We ask all who attend an event to register. You’ll find the online registration form on the same page as the event description.