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Current trends in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

Date December, 11-14, 2017
Time and place Noon to noon - Location will soon be announced
Registration The course is full. Subscriptions will now be placed on a waiting list. 
Mail to Jeanet Dal - 
Participants:  Maximal number of participants - 15
Language:  English
Accommodation:  Accommodation in double room is free for participants
ECTS 3 ECTS for full participation
2 ECTS for participation in 3 og 4 days.


For more information on this year´s "EMCA Bootcamp" please see following link:,-d-,programmer/fdik/kurser/es17_currenttrendsin+ethnomethodology

Registration (Please send following information) to before December 4, 2017 : 

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  • Name of Doctoral Programme:
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  • Partipation - Full, all days or Partial:
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’Our events are open free of charge to PhD students from our own program, and from all other programs provided they also offer tuition free of charge to our students. ’Soon-to-be’ Phd students may also attend with permission from the event instructors and the Program Director, whom you should first contact if this applies to you (Dennis Day: We are also very happy if senior members of staff wish to attend, particularly PhD supervisors, and will accommodate them in lieu of space. We ask all who attend an event to register. You’ll find the online registration form on the same page as the event description.’