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Network Theory and Social Network Analysis

Date: February 10-12, 2020
Time: TBA 
Place: TBA
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Network Theory and Social Network Analysis
- A training event for historians and archaeologists

Center for Medieval Literature, SDU, Odense, 10-12 February 2020

This workshop aims to provide an introduction and an overview of the notions underlying and the tools provided by network theory. The focus will be on their application in the fields of history and archaeology.  The course will also provide practical insights on the softwares used in network analysis. 

During the workshop we will be looking in particular at

  • · Nodes, Links and Degree. Basic concepts of quantitative network analysis
  • · Papyri, potsherds, people, sites, relations: theoretical consideration and examples of historical and archaeological network analysis
  • · From data to network model: organisation, processing and entering of relational data
  • · From the model to results: analysis, visualisation and interpretation of network models

In charge of the training event is Johannes Preiser Kapeller. Johannes obtained his PhD in Byzantine Studies from the University of Vienna and is  Senior Research Associate at the Division for Byzantine Research/Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Lecturer at the University of Vienna. His research focus is on Byzantine history in comparison and entanglement within the Medieval World as well as social and spatial network analysis, complexity theory and environmental history. Among his recent publications, the book Jenseits von Rom und Karl dem Großen. Aspekte der globalen Verflechtung in der langen Spätantike, 300-800 n. Chr. (Mandelbaum, 2018), shortlisted among the history books of the year 2018 by the journal “Damals” (3rd place in the category “works of overview”) and the paper, co-authored with Ekaterini Mitsiou, "The Little Ice Age and Byzantium within the Eastern Mediterranean, ca. 1200-1350 CE: old debates and new scenarios", in In The Crisis of the 14th Century: Teleconnections between Environmental and Societal Change?, edited by Martin Bauch and Gerrit Jasper Schenk, pp. 190-219 (De Gruyter, 2019).

Lists of preparatory readings and links from where to download the softwares we will be using will be made available upon signing up for the course.


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