Masterclass in Archeology and History

Dato: 24. april 2015
Tid: 13:00-16:00
Sted: SDU, Campus Odense, lokale O96
Tilmelding: Var senest 15. april 2015, før kl. 12:00

3 for deltagelse med præsentation
0,5 for deltagelse uden præsentation

Organizers:      Organised by the doctoral programme in Area Studies, Religion, Archeology and History,
- in cooperation with with the Medieval Center, Syddansk Universitet. 


Landscape Archaeology – Methodological Aspects

Which questions can archaeological sources and methods answer, and which questions can historical documents and sources answer, and what are their limitations and dangers respectively? Under these headings dr. phil. Erland Porsmose, Østfyns Museer, will discuss with three Ph.D. students, presenting their projects which have a common landscape theme:

  • Jesper Hansen: Landsbydannelse og bebyggelsesstruktur i det 1. årtusinde e.Kr.(SDU/Odense Bys Museer)

  • Christian Heiberg Rosenberg Thomsen: Kystzonens maritime arkæologi - En arkæologisk undersøgelse af det rurale infrastrukturelle netværk i det sydlige danske maritime kulturlandskab (SDU)

  • Esteban Lopez Garcia: Rainfed agriculture in the Kingdom of Granada before and after the Castilian conquest (XV-XVIth centuries). The village of Casarabonela (Málaga) (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

  • Erland Porsmose (b. 1953) is Director of Østfyns Museer. He was granted the title of Dr. Phil. for his dissertation, De fynske landsbyers historie – i dyrkningsfællesskabets tid in 1987. Both as a researcher and from his position within the field of Heritage Administration, Dr. Porsmose has a deep rooted interest in the interface between the fields of Archeology and History with a special focus on the exploration of cultural landscapes.