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From Dissertation to Book

Dato: 10. november 2020
Tid: Kl. 10:00-14:00
Sted: Lokale U47 -  SDU, Campus Odense
Tilmelding: Var inden 1. november 2020
ECTS: 0,75


From Dissertation to Book 

PhD course w/Dominique Routhier and Anders Engberg-Pedersen


A dissertation and a book belong to two different genres. Turning the one into the other is therefore no small feat. How does a book differ from a dissertation with regard to readership, voice, framing, and scope? Which changes must be made for a dissertation to be considered by an international publisher? What does the contemporary publishing landscape look like and how do I approach a publisher? What is a book prospectus and how do I write a good one? This PhD course will help you along the way.

The course is open to all humanities PhD students working on a monograph. It is most helpful to think about the requirements of the book as early as possible, so the course is open to PhD students at all stages. The course will be conducted in English unless all participants speak Danish. In addition to reading texts by William Germano and Susan Rabiner, PhD students will be required to write a book prospectus based on the PhD project to be workshopped during the course.

The course include lunch.



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