Envisioning Cultural and Capital

Dato: 11. oktober 2016
Tid: 10.00-14.00
Sted: Kurset er flyttet til KUA, København.
Oplysning om lokale fremsendes pr. mail fra Mikkel Bolt
Tilmelding:  Var senest 3. oktober
ECTS: 0,5


The focus of this course is to provide the students with a critically revised Marxist base-superstructure analysis that enables situating cultural objects within the vast structural transformations of capitalism over the past four decades. As an example of such an analysis, I present a paper on Zaha Hadid’s BMW plant in Leipzig, which is taken as an emblematic case of neo-liberal architecture expressing the wet capitalist dream of the logistics-revolution; one of producing ‘ultimate profit machines’ by transforming all fixed capital into circulating capital. The critical analysis of Hadid’s plant serves us as a leverage point to – through engaged discussion and individual presentations of the students own work - further highlight the complex relations between an architectural spectacle and a post-Fordist economy ‘infused’ with culture.

The purpose of this course is thus to contribute to the conceptual and methodological development of a critical cultural theory that ‘returns’ to capital and attempts to situate specific cultural objects in broader socio-economic contexts.  


Mikkel Bolt is an art historian and cultural critic. He is Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. He is co-editor of the journals K&K and Mr Antipyrine. He has published a number of books including Den sidste avantgarde (2004), with Das Beckwerk I sammenbruddets tjeneste (2008), Avantgardens selvmord (2009), En anden verden (2011), Krise til sammenbrud (2014), Crisis to Insurrection (2015) and Playmates and Playboys on a Higher Level (2015) as well as a long list of articles about anti-capitalist activism, contemporary art, the revolutionary tradition and the Situationist International in journals such as Multitudes, New Formations, Rethinking Marxism and Third Text

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