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Ph.d.-prøveforsvar ved Charlotte Johanne Fabricius

Dato: 10. december 2020
Tid: Fra kl. 13:00
Sted: Afvikles online 
Tilmelding: Ingen tilmelding 
Opponent:  Nina Christensen (AU)


Ph.d.-prøveforsvar ved Charlotte Johanne Fabricius (Afvikles online)

Titel: Super-Girls: girlhood and agency in contemporary superhero comics


This dissertation investigates girl protagonists in contemporary superhero comics published by DC and Marvel. The project combines feminist critical theory with comics studies focused on the superhero genre and questions of representation in comics form. Through intersectional analyses of form and themes, the dissertation explores how agentic embodiment manifests across a diverse range of superpowered girls. The core of the dissertation is made up of four analytical chapters, investigating themes of costuming, whiteness, temporality, and violence. These chapters are bookended by an introductory chapter, which lays out the overarching theoretical and methodological framework, as well as providing context for the project, and by a concluding discussion chapter, which delves into the political potentials and promises of super-girls.


Sidst opdateret: 09.12.2020