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Interkultur, dannelse og æstetik / (Inter)Culture, Bildung and Aesthetics

Dato: 12.-14. marts 2015
13. marts, Ph.d.-workshop **AFLYST**
Tid: Oplyses senere
Sted: SDU, Odense - lokale oplyses senere
Tilmelding: Var senest 5. marts
Tilmelding til konferencen:  Hvis du ønsker også at deltage i konferencen inkl. forplejning skal du tilmelde dig på instituttets hjemmeside - her
ECTS: 3 ECTS for deltagelse i både konference og workshop
2 ECTS for deltagelse i workshop med paper
1 ECTS for deltagelse alene i konferencen
Deltagere: Max. 10 deltagere

Aim and content:
The Ph.d.-workshop is attached to the Conference (Inter-)Culture, Bildung and Aesthetics at the University of Southern Denmark. The conference explores problems associated with the use of aesthetic practices in the context of cross-cultural encounters. Subtopics include the notion of culture and methodological approaches to culture, forms and conditions of creativity, and participatory approaches to aesthetic education (and, more broadly, Bildung) and cross-cultural understanding. Papers on all subtopics are welcome, but students are especially encouraged to present papers on creativity. 

Form:Lectures, participant presentations and hands-on exercises

Literature:Literature will be distributed by Blackboard, the platform for e-learning at University of Southern Denmark.

Course director:Søren Harnow Klausen, professor, Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark