Analyzing Human Interaction: Developing analytical skills in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (EMCA Bootcamp)

Date: December, 9-13, 2019 
Time: December 9 noon, to December 13 noon
Place: Summer cottages near Middelfart, Funen, Denmark 
Registration: Was before October 21, 2019 
Participants Maxinal number: 20  
 Language: English 
 Accommodation: In double rooms - is free for participants 
 Transport From Middelfart station or SDU (Kolding or Odense) will be provided 
 Other expenses: The participants will cover their own travel and pay upon arrival 
DKK 500 for full board. 
 Course directors: Johannes Wagner, Catherine E. Brouwer, Kristian Mortensen, Søren Wind Eskildsen (all SDU), Jakob Steensig (AU) 
ECTS: 4 for full participation


Analyzing Human Interaction: 
Developing analytical skills in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (EMCA Bootcamp)

Among the instructors are Catherine E. Brouwer, Dennis Day, Søren W. Eskildsen, Kristian Mortensen, Gitte Rasmussen, Johannes Wagner (all SDU), Spencer Hazel (Newcastle University), Jakob Steensig (University of Århus).

This 5 days residential seminar will engage with recent topics in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. Among the topics addressed will be the phenomenological roots of EM, materiality and interaction, grammar and the body, interactional linguistics, space and mobility, applied conversation analysis, and collection-based analysis.
Participants are invited to bring their own data for data sessions and nominate topics for discussion. The program will consist of lectures, group discussions, assignments and data sessions.

Besides the electronic registration, please send a description of your PhD project including a description of your data collection. The description should be max 2 pages and may include a (short) transcription and analytic notes of a phenomenon you are currently working on. The description should be emailed to Søren W. Eskildsen ( by the time of registration.

This course is offered in cooperation with the Research Unit "PIPE" (Professional Interaction and Practice), the Doctoral Program for Media, Technology and Social Interaction, Kolding, the Doctoral Program in Language and Communication, Odense, all at University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and the PhD program for Language, Linguistics, Cognition and Communication at Aarhus University. For further information, please contact Kristian Mortensen (