Writing seminar I, II and III

Writing seminar I, II and III (kurset foregår på engelsk)

SDU Kolding

ECTS 1 (alle  3 seminarer)

Underviser: Trine Heinemann

For those of you working with data, analysis of those data can be one of the more challenging aspects of your work. Does your analysis hold? What other analyses might do a better job? Is your analysis consistent with your theoretical and methodological framework? Is their a special 'rhetoric' to writing up an analysis? If these sorts of questions interest you, then a writing seminar might be useful. 

There are of course many different types of data and many different types of analyses. In this seminar, which consists of three 1/2 day sessions, we will be working with analysis of empirical data, e.g. Conversation Analysis, Interactional Linguistics, Empirical Pragmatics, Interactional Sociolinguistics.  The seminar will build on a discussion of selected examples as well as on the texts written by the participants.  If you are in doubt whether the seminar is relevant for you, please contact Trine Heinemann (

De tre mødedatoer fastlægges i samarbejde med deltagerne.  Kurset finder sted i tiden mellem den 15.2. og 15.5.
Deltagerne bedes  kontakte Johannes Wagner.


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