Abstract Writing


Course hour: May 12, 2014, 13.00-17.00
Venue: University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, room 1.20
Registration: Here before May 5
Faculty: Maurice Nevile, University of Southern Denmark
Course language: English 

Writing abstracts is an important part of research and academic life. Abstracts are short independent texts which typically preface and summarise a research contribution, such as a conference presentation or a journal article. Abstracts help someone to decide if your contribution is sufficiently interesting, relevant and significant, to warrant either acceptance or attendance (for a conference), or attention and effort (for a written publication). This workshop considers the nature and purposes of abstracts, and why they are important. It highlights the key elements of abstracts, and also how to write them. It can address some key questions you might have. What makes for a good and acceptable abstract? Can I write in the first person? Is it okay to use questions? A clear and convincing abstract might be the difference between research which is accepted, noticed and used, and research which is not. The ability to write a successful abstract can therefore potentially help to make or break an academic career. (PS: this text is an abstract).

In this interactive workshop there will be input from the course presenter, we will examine published abstracts from across different fields, and we will also work together on participants’ own abstracts.

After the course (within six months) participants have the opportunity to receive feedback from the course presenter on one draft abstract of their own.

The course presenter has published across a number of academic fields over more than 20 years, has taught academic writing to both students and staff, and been a professional editor and proofreader.


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