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Igangværende ph.d.-projekter

    • The pattern of peripheral nerve affection and the risk factors in type 2 diabetic polyneuropathy (IDNC - The International Diabetic Neuropathy Consortium) 
      Mustapha Itani
      Supervisor: Søren H. Sindrup 
    • The beta-2 agonist terbutaline in the treatment of peripheral neuropatic pain
      Mimmi Gillving
      Supervisor: Søren H. Sindrup
    • T-PEMF (Transcranial low voltage pulsed electromagnetic fields in patients with PD) 
      Bo Morberg
      Supervisor: Lene Wermuth
    • Cannabis -based medicine in the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain.
      Kanita Zubsevic
      Supervisor: Søren H. Sindrup
    • Precision medicine in peripheral neuropathic pain
      Melissa Kreutzfeldt
      Supervisor: Søren H. Sindrup
    • Axonal dysfunction in CIDP - implications for treatment
      Peter Nørregaard Hansen
      Supervisor: Søren H. Sindrup
    • Association of drug use and intracranial n
      Stine Munk Hald
      Supervisor: David Gaist
    • Composite scales in patients with risk for developing progressive MS
      Asta Theodorsdottir
      Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
    • Neuromyelitis optica epidemiology and biomarkes
      Viktoria Papp
      Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
    • Molecular signature of brain lesion evolution in multiple sclerosis
      Maria L. Elkjær
      Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
    • Musclestrain in multiple sclerosis measured with ultrasound technique
      Maria Thorning
      Supervisor: Helle H. Nielsen
    • NMDAR modulators as treatment in anti-NMDAR encephalitis
      Mette S. Nissen
      Supervisor: Morten Blaabjerg
    • Endophenotyping of idiopathic generalised epilepsies
      Joanna Gesche
      Supervisor: Christoph P. Beier

Recent PhD projects   

    • Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy - Oxaliplatin and docetaxel (2019)
      Thomas Krøigård
      Supervisor: Søren H. Sindrup
    • Use of statins and risk of polyneuropathy: evaluation through pharmacoepidemiological and clinical trial studies  (2019)
      Toke Svendsen
      Supervisors:  David Gaist, Søren H. Sindrup
    • Influence of treatment with transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields on motor function in Parkinson's disease (2018)
      Anne Sofie Malling
      Supervisor: Lene Wermuth 
    • Statins and skin cancer (2018)
      Sidsel Arnspang Pedersen
      Supervisor: David Gaist
    • Endothelial dysfunction in demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system (2018)
      Tobias Sejbæk
      Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
    • Post-transcriptional regulation of demyelination and remyelination 
      Nellie A. Martin
      Supervisor: Zsolt Illes


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