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  • The role of miR-146a in microglia and experimental de-and remyelination.   
    Kirsten H. Hyrlov
    Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
  • The effect of cladribine on microglia
    Line Jørgensen
    Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
  • Epigenetic control of brain lesion evolution
    Vasiliki Leventea
    Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
  • The role of FoxF2 transcription factor in atrocyte-related remyelination
    Anna B. Weber
    Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
  • Neurofilament in neurological disease 
    Catharina Soares
    Supervisor: Zsolt Illes
  • The effect of BAF312 on the remyelination proces of the CNS
    Julie D. Rosgaard
    Supervisor: Zsolt Illes


  • Clinical Characteristics of Drug Resistant Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies on Funen
    Students: Marina Khanevski og Carl Solberg
    Supervisor: Christoph Patrick Beier
  • Huntington’s disease and predictive testing.

    Students Elin Astrid Elisabeth Sundqvist og Eva Grete Berghøiden Haugland

    Supervisor: Lene Wermuth 


  • The prevalence og primary headaches during adolescence and relation to life style factors, a ten years comparison. The Young HUNT study.
    Student: Karina Dyb Zwart
    Supervisors: Dagmar Beier
  • Correlation of neuronal differentiation of glioma cells and tumor associated seizures
    Student: Helene Broch Tenstad og Julie Slinning Aarø
    Supervisor: Christoph Patrick Beier




Sidst opdateret: 27.09.2021