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  • Basal ganglia antibodies
    Gudrun Gunnarsdottir
    Supervisor: Morten Blaabjerg
  • Paranodal antibodies in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
    Abdullahi Mohammed
    Supervisor: Morten Blaabjerg


  • Etiology of small fibre neuropaty and other chronic neuropaties: Can a standardized work-up provide new insights
    Student: Laura Maritta Brok-Lauridsen
    Supervisor: Søren Sindrup
  • Affection of the peripheral somatic- and autonomic nervous system in patients who have had Parkinson's disease for less than 5 years
    Student: Thomas Gaist
    Supervisor: Søren Sindrup and Morten Blaabjerg


  • Fatigue scale validation and fatigue in anti-LgL1 encephalitis
    Maren Ørvik
    Supervisor: Morten Blaabjerg


  • Synaptic plasticity and  neurogenesis in autoimmune encephalitis (2014-2015)
    Student: Christian Kurtzhals 
    Supervisor: Morten blaabjerg, Neurologisk Afdeling 
  • Exploring Cognitive Changes in Patients with Neuromyelitis Optica
    Student: Bjørn H. Kristiansen
    Supervisors: Helle Hvilsted Nielsen & Zsolt Illes 

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