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Primary Immunodeficiencies - from the patient into the laboratory and then back to the patient

What kind of project

We would like to encourage bright pre-graduate medical or M.Sc. students to invest themselves in one-year projects related to PIDs. The major part of Your work will consist of laboratory experiments, so an interest in laboratory research is absolutely required. Previous laboratory experience is not needed but helpful. Because laboratory work is time consuming (but rewarding), You have to be inclined towards autonomous and (at times) hard laboratory work. 


Primary ImmunoDeficiencies (PIDs) are mostly monogenic mendelian disorders presenting with a wide spectrum of infectious and autoimmune symptoms due to dysregulated immunity. We are interested in ascertaining the genetics, epigenetics, gene expression profiles as well as cytokine and leukocyte characteristics associated with different PIDs.


To gain insight into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying PIDs. Understanding the cause of disease is helpful for both the patient and the clinician and is also the first step towards better treatment and a possible cure.

What will be your role?

Our laboratory methods comprise general molecular biology techniques (cloning, sequencing, real time PCR etc.), western blotting, cell culture techniques, ELISA techniques and flow cytometry.

Principal investigator

Associate professor, Kristian Assing
Clinical Immunology, SDU
Klinisk Immunologisk afd.
Odense Universitetshospital
J. B. Winsløws Vej 4, 5000 Odense
Telefon: 51 43 67 74

Sidst opdateret: 10.09.2019